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      初中英語作文—如何幫助孩子變得獨立 How to Help Kids to be Independent
      In China, being a parent means a lot of responsibilities Most parents get used to planning all the things for their kids, such as arranging schools and even the marriage As the overprotection from the adults, the kids lack of strong will and rely on others so much Parents should pay attention to help the kids become independent
      2019-09-25 11:15:42
      初中英語作文—對我人生的考驗 The Test of My Life
      There is a small shop around our school and the boss is a very nice person Many students like to buy snacks in his shop Last week, I went to this shop and bought some snacks to eat after school I found my money was not enough
      2019-09-23 14:44:08
      初中英語作文—國際運動 The International Sport
      There is no doubt that football is No 1 sport in the world People from all around the world are so crazy about this match In China, a lot of people stay up all the night just to watch the football match from TV The fans from different areas make up the group just to support their teams These fans sit together and cheer for their idols It is such a great moment for them Though the football level in China is below the international, more and more teenagers work on this field and they fight for the cou
      2019-09-19 14:17:33
      初中英語作文—美好的學校生活 The Amazing School Life
      Going to middle school is the challenge for me At first, I am so afraid of facing the strangers, and being lonely is the first lesson I needed to face Then I make new friends soon, my deskmate is such a nice person that she helps me to recognize many classmates and soon I become a member of this big group Going to the new environment lets me make more friends We share the same interest
      2019-09-12 15:54:07
      初中英語作文—童模 Child Models
      The fast development of child fashion calls for the large amount of child models They are in the age of below 10 years old Most of them choose to go back to school and only small part of them will continue their career Child model has been a new industry
      2019-09-10 09:56:09
      初中英語作文—特色課程 The Special Class
      In China, the subjects that students learnt are necessary They can learn special classes when they enter university Sometimes I think it will be perfect to have the special class in middle school On the one hand, students can learn more things besides the necessary subjects
      2019-09-02 11:24:47
      初中英語作文—當我讓父母失望 When I Disappoint My Parents
      Since I went to school, I always want to do the best and make my parents be proud of me But I meet difficulties in middle school There are so many subjects for me to learn, and I feel great pressure, especially the subject like geography that is my weakness
      2019-09-02 11:11:46
      初中英語作文—我想要的生活 The Life I Want
      I like to read travel books so much I can see the world from these books and they will broaden my vision I am so attracted by the variety of the world The amazing nature leaves human being some magical sites, so I have made up my mind that someday I must take a visit to these beautiful scenery This is the life I want I must study hard to realize it
      2019-08-28 10:19:12
      初中英語作文—中彩票的人 The Persons Who Hit the Lottery
      Nowadays, many parents choose to send their children to study abroad, because everyone believes that foreign education takes the lead in the world The schools expects students to make a contribution to the world with what they have learned at school
      2019-08-23 11:29:09
      初中英語作文—中國夢 Chinese Dream
      Today, the world is learning mandarin According to the report, there are over one hundred million foreign people learning Chinese What s more, a lot of foreign companies are having their workers master not only Chinese language, but also the culture
      2019-08-21 09:12:59
      初中英語作文—玩游戲誰的錯? Whose Fault of Playing Computer Games
      Computer has been part of our life We use it to work or to keep in touch with our friends Computer provides people a way to recognize the world and share resources
      2019-05-06 11:36:10
      初中英語作文—真正的偶像 The Real Idol
      I like watching all kinds of sports, especially tennis Roger Federer is famous all around the world, who has been popular for many years Now he is almost 35, which is the old age for tennis player Many players choose to quit playing as they are more than 30 and Roger was once doubted by the public
      2019-04-08 14:39:59
      初中英語作文—杰克的選擇 Jack's Choice
      As Jack will be a middle school student soon, his parents want to move around the school to take care of him, but Jack tells his parents that they neednt to do it,
      2019-03-14 10:50:13
      初中英語作文—手機時代 The Age of Cellphone
      Many years ago, when the first computer came into being, many people predicted the age of computer has come Now only two decades passed, here comes the new age of cellphone Let s look at how people depend on the phone They use cellphone to work and to communicate with families and friends
      2019-03-08 11:07:50
      初中英語作文—當我面對榮譽時 When I Face Honor
      The old people always say pride will make a person lag behind They make a conclusion of it must have their reason and I believe it, because I have such experience
      2019-03-06 10:01:58
      初中英語作文—錢能買到什么 What Money Can Buy
      Money matters and no one can deny it We work very hard to earn money, so that we can live the better life With money, we can buy a big house and eat the food we want, even to travel around the world It seems that money can buy everything However, money is also the root of evil
      2019-03-04 11:01:32
      初中英語作文—我失信了 I Don't Keep My Words
      Last night, my friends and I made the plan to go out for fun But early in the morning, I was too tired and couldn’t wake up So I lied to my friends I toldl them I was not feeling well, so they came to see me
      2019-02-27 09:58:35
      初中英語作文—我的新偶像 My New Idol
      Recently, I saw a movie about the wonder woman She was one of the superheroes in the cartoon Many people know about superman, Captain America and Batman, but Wonder
      2019-02-25 09:56:45
      初中英語作文—父母的錯 Parents' Fault
      Jack is in middle school now As his parents are busy with their business, so Jack often makes mistakes Jack s teacher has talked to his parents many times, but they thought it was the school s duty to educate their children This is a very classic example
      2019-02-21 09:57:53
      初中英語作文—激勵人心的故事 The Inspiring Stories
      I like to watch movies, especially when I see the inspiring stories, I will feel touched These stories are good for me They inspire me to move on when I meet difficulties The heroes will never give up, and finally, they succeed So if we want to realize our dreams, we also need to be persistent Some day, we can make it
      2019-02-18 09:53:39